One Woman’s Trash. . .

This weekend a few friends and I got together for a pot-luck style brunch and closet swap !!!!

Basically, we all cleaned out our closets (#springcleaningfever) and put our discarded / unwanted clothing into a bag. Then we laid alllllllll our laundry out and began shopping each other’s closets ! It was a blast, and everyone walked away with some new pieces.


I took home these fancy shoes (pictured above)




Everyone walked away with at least one new addition to their wardrobe, and we had a blast !

There were (of course) clothes left over that no one wanted, so we bagged them up, and are going to donate them ! Donating clothes helps keep textiles out of landfills.

Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, get some friends together for a clothing swap !!!! It will save you money (because you don’t have to BUY new clothes), will reduce the amount of new textiles that go into production, and create a fun atmosphere for you and your friends to do some low-waste good !

Stay (un)trashy,



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