April Wrap Up

How. . . how is April over already? . . .


But like. . . it is. . .

SO – that means it is time for a monthly wrap up !

As you know, I have been keeping all my work trash in a mason jar. This month, I made 14 pieces of trash (next to ruler, for scale)


  1. a bag of hot chocolate mix for a cold, sad, rainy day
  2. a kind bar wrapper (I didn’t even enjoy it #NotWorthTheTrash)
  3. tin foil wrapper from a burrrrrrrrrrrrrrito (definitely worth it)
  4. a banana sticker
  5. an apple sticker
  6. another banana sticker
  7. another apple sticker (what can I say, I love fruit)
  8. oven baked lay’s bag (because sometimes you want chips when you haven’t made them ahead of time)
  9. honey pretzel twist bag (my vending machine weakness)
  10. a mini wrapper from a tiny cupcake
  11.  tiny package of cream cheese (i think this came from a free breakfast buffet my work put on?)
  12. wrapper from a vitamin C lozenge
  13. wrapper from a vitamin C lozenge
  14. wrapper from a vitamin C lozenge


Guys, keeping track of my trash has REALLY opened my eyes to how much trash I unknowingly used before making this change. If you can, I highly recommend keeping track of your trash for a day, a week, a month, TWO MONTHS ! However long you can. Knowing your trash is the first step to reducing it.

Another exciting April find was this:

Bee’s Wrap is an alternative to plastic wrap ! I don’t often use cling wrap, but when I do, I now have an alternative to using plastic ! Definitely recommend this if you want to cut down on your kitchen waste !

Stay (un)trashy,




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