Day 18: March 28 – “For here”

This morning I ##treatedmyself to a breakfast at Maison Kayser (mmmmmm). One handy trick I’ve picked up is that you can cut down on your waste by simply ordering your food “for here”.

If you have a few extra minutes to yourself, brought a book with you, want to grab coffee with a friend, or are just straight up looking to people watch (no judgement here), then choosing to sit and eat instead of grabbing your food to go can provide you with some needed “me” time as well as an easy way to reduce your waste

Breakfast: Croissant and a Chair Latte with Soy Milk (and NO straw)

If you do stay, be sure to ask for no straw !  those suckers were EVERYWHERE

After breakfast I went to work where I drank 3 reusable bottles full of water. Being sick lately REALLY dried me out. .  .

Lunch: Just Salad (and bread) with my trusty silver fork

*not really silver, just silverware

After work I went home and made myself a little treat:

Snack: Popcorn !

Now, the way I make this zero waste was by stove popping kernels I had bought in a large plastic container in grape seed oil and butter.

One I had my buttery, salty snack, Carl and I headed out for dinner and a concert

Dinner: we inhaled an ENTIRE 16′ pizza at Rubirosa Ristorante (we sat down and ate our pizza so that we wouldn’t have any waste.

Since I ate dinner so fast, I didn’t have time to take a photo of it.

Concert & Drinks: I ordered a beer and a shot that both came in a plastic cup. . . so not the BEST but, they were at least recyclable. The concert venue did give me a wrist band, but it was recyclable too !

All in all, not too shabby !

Day 18 Take-Aways:

  1. Choosing to sit down and eat not only helps reduce your waste, it also gives you a chance for some “me time” !
  2. Invest in a metal reusable water bottle (it keeps your water cold and it isn’t plastic)

Stay (un)tashy,



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