Day 16 & 17: March 13 & 15 – Plans & Unplanned Tacos



Monday and Wednesday of this week (3/13 & 3/15) were both ZERO WASTE DAYS !!!

One of the best hacks I’ve found for reducing my waste at work is to keep some silverware on hand. That way, you can avoid those plastic utensils that are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

I put mine in a cute little mug !



This morning I stopped by the farmers market on my way to work today ! I stocked up on some jam – jam is my jam – and produce.

Breakfast: an apple and a homemade blueberry banana smoothie !

Lunch: I went to ESSEN for the first time ever and brought my handy dandy reusable bowl to the Hot buffet ! I got fried shrimp, rice and broccoli !


Dinner: We went to Qi Tai last night for dinner ! It was delicious. . . BUT unfortunately I forgot to ask for “No straw, please.”. . .and so I got a straw with my meal. . . but the rest was Zero Waste !


So, all in all, Monday was pretty successful !


Breakfast: apple and home made banana and peanut butter smoothie !


Coffee: BYOM (bring your own mug) to the coffee shop !

Lunch: Quinoa & Grains bowl (compostbale & recyclable) from Not Just Salad. I avoided the plastic cutlery by bringing silverware from home !

For dinner, I wanted to see what happened if I just went out to a restaurant. I had no prior planning. . . no silverware. . . nothing. . . it was mainly an experiment to see how much trash I would make if I didn’t plan.

I was pretty shocked.

Dinner: Tacos from Tortaria with Rice and Beans

I was imagining a plate with tacos and rice and beans and maybe a plastic fork. BUT the trash made from this one meal was unreal.

The tacos came in a small, non compostable bowl wrapped in pieces of paper. I was given a plastic ford and knife. I was given water in a plastic cup. My rice and beans came in a separate container made entirely out of plastic WITH A PLASTIC LID AS WELL  !! I was baffled to say the least.

First of all, I was dining in, so I don’t understand the point of the lid on my rice / beans. The plastic cup of water was confusing, again because I was dining in. Also, the knife was totally unnecessary as was the wrapper on my tacos.

I was like hyper aware of how much trash there was. . .

BUT ! I think being aware is the first step to reducing your waste.

Day 16 + 17 Take-Aways:

  1. Bring silverware to work !
  2. Make your own smoothies and store them in reusable glass jars
  3. Shop at the farmers market !
  4. Straws are the devil’s work
  5. Non-planned meals definitely create the most waste (in my case)

Stay (un)trashy,



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