Day 15: March 10 – Missing Lunch . . .

WHAT IS GOING ON?!? I missed lunch today. . .

my stomach asked me

I feel like I’m gong to SERIOUSLY pig out this weekend to make up for it. But even though I will be pigging out – I am still trying my best to reduce my waste as well. Its a fine balance.

So, day 3/3 in a row of going Zero Waste. How did it go?

Breakfast: FREEEEEE (and Zero Waste) bagel !

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

Coffee: mug mug mug mug mug – seriously, keep a mug at your desk if you don’t already ! it will save you SO much work waste !!

Snack: Y’all. . . I was weak. . . I got a bag of Braided Honey Wheat Pretzle Twists from the vendin machine. . .  #trash

Dinner: Carl and I grabbed dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had 3 mini sliders with fries and a beer.

Then, we headed to a bar (after midnight. . . WHO AM I?!) to meet up with a very special surprise guest. I convinced one of Carl’s friends to come to NY to surprise him and we all went out for drinks at this really cool bar called Bettibar.

Drinks: Rum and Coke(s) with no straw(s)

I feel like I am falling behind on these blog posts. I am going to try to be better about them !!! Promise

Stay (un)trashy,



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