Day 13: March 8 – Zero Purchases & Marching

Yesterday was supposed to be a Zero Waste day. . . and for the most part it was.

However, yesterday was much bigger than my journey. Yesterday was A Day Without A Woman.

One of the main ways people participated was to not make any purchases (unless it was from women or immigrant owned businesses). So yesterday, in addition to trying to go zero waste, I did not make any purchases.

I am sad to say, that it was harder than I expected. We are such a consumerist culture by nature, that I kept having to remind myself “no don’t take out your wallet”. . . it was a little surprising.

But any who:

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with blueberries and honey in a mason jar


Snacks: I made some home made potato & golden beet chips !

Brunch: One of my new friends in NY, Emily, invited me to a pre-march brunch with her sisters and some of their friends. We made posters, talked about our political ideals and enjoyed some vegan brunch items ! There were no solo cups or plastic cutlery in sight !!!

Water: I brought a reusable water bottle to the march so that I could hydrate without purchasing anything OR making any trash

Snacks: During a cappella I munched down on some candy that someone brought. I haven’t had straight up candy in a while so I was pretty bouncy


 Dinner: So, this is where I did make some trash. A few days ago I bought tempeh for a future meal. Since I vowed to not spend any money yesterday, I threw together dinner with some ingredients I had in my fridge. I made stuffed peppers with tempeh (in a plastic film), red peppers, rice, and cheddar cheese.

Yesterday’s Zero Waste initiatives were definitely overridden by my goals for A Day Without A Woman.

Stay (un)trashy,



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