February Wrap Up

THIS HAS BEEN AN AMAZING JOURNEY SO FAR !!!!!!! I can’t believe it has only been 2 months !

Thank you to everyone for all your support, tricks, tips, recipes, links, videos, and love ❤

you rock

This month, I kept all of my Work Trash* in a mason jar on my desk. ALLLLLLLLLL the trash I generated at work from February 1 – February 28. That’s every piece of trash from my work day. Every lunch, every snack, every scrap. This way, it forced me to look at my trash every single day and be more conscious about my eating / snacking / zero waste habits.

I did the same thing in January, and have reduced my work trash by 30% (from 25 items in January to 17 items in February) !!!!!

Below is all the trash I generated at work during the month of February:


17 Items: 

  1. Cheez-it bag
  2. used band aid in wrapper
  3. braided honey pretzel bag
  4. peanut butter cracker wrapper
  5. lollipop wrapper
  6. plastic spoon
  7. Oreo wrapper
  8. bag from peanuts
  9. fig bar wrapper
  10. a pieces of tape
  11. a piece of tape
  12. a piece of tape (ugh)
  13. piece of my shoe that fell off
  14. a sticker from an apple
  15. Advil topper
  16. a tampon wrapper
  17. plastic from another snack which I have literally forgotten what it was from

I am a firm believer that the best way to reduce your trash is to get to know it better. So I grouped my trash into 3 groups: Food Related Items, Misc Items, and Personal Care Items.

10 Food Related Items:

#hangry when i need a snack

So, I found this interesting: I am REALLY good at going Zero Waste for lunches. . . but SUUUUUUUUPER bad at Zero Waste snacking ! I need to stock up on some zero waste snack options. If you have any recommendations, let me know !!!

5 Misc Items:

a piece of my shoe randomly broke off, lol.

Besides the band aid and the shoe part, this was totally avoidable. I don’t know why I even used the tape, TBH.

2 Personal Care Items: 

a seal from ibuprofen and a tampon wrapper

REAL QUICK – While we’re talking about tampons, I wanted to talk to you about tampons.

not even a clever segue?

Some of you have asked me “But Sam, how do you go Zero Waste with tampons?” Well, – admittedly – I have not totally figured this one out. But, you can definitely reduce your tampon / pad waste. Here are just a few ways you could do this:

  1.  What I do: Use applicator free tampons like this brand, or this brand (if your tampons are 100% cotton, you can also compost them)
  2. Use a menstrual cup
  3. Do research into reusable tampons (which I just found out were a thing and am kind of on the fence about)
  4. Ditch the pads if you are able – they usually have more trash than tampons

See, that wasn’t so bad. . . now back to the Wrap Up !

I’ve learned a lot on my journey so far here are just a few of my favorite Zero Waste tricks / tips from January – February:

  1. Start carrying a reusable bag with you to eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags
  2. Explore composting options in your hometown. this will instantly reduce your trash by at least 25% !
  3. Invest in a reusable mug (or 2. . .or 3…)
  4. Keep track of your trash – this can be everything to just acknowledging your trash to keeping it on display in a mason jar
  5. Get creative with your food packaging (you can wrap your sandwiches in a kitchen towel to eliminate the need for a plastic sandwich bag)
  6. Seek out grocery stores that offer bulk shopping and bring your own containers

Stay (un)trashy,


*Work Trash: work generated while I was at work / getting work lunch / snacking at work / basically doing anything between 9 am – 5 pm


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