Day 10: February 23 – Oatmeal Your Way

I am a big breakfast person. . . wait. . . is there an echo in here?

. . .

Any-who. Like I said, I am VERY big on breakfast. If I don’t get some calories in my body by 10 am, I am a VERY grumpy camper. So, in order to be a more effective (and nicer) coworker, I’ve started keeping oatmeal at my desk !

Before my journey to reduce my trash, I was super into those personal packets of oatmeal. You know the ones – individually flavored single serving sizes in packages that aren’t 100% compostable or recyclable. . . yep, those.

Since I didn’t want to give up this warm, delicious, hearty breakfast option, I’ve found a way to get my morning oatmeal without the waste !

I bought a big (cardboard and plastic) tin of unflavored steel cut oats. Then, I put a few scoops of oatmeal into a mason jar to be seasoned. This way, I am able to take that large container of oats and divide it into lots of different flavors !

Breakfast: This morning’s oatmeal was a mix of cinnamon and sugar. . .  I literally just threw some cinnamon and sugar into the mason jar and shook it vigorously. For extra flavor and potassium, I cut up a banana and mixed  it into the oatmeal.


Lunch: Sandwich with a side of Homemade Potato & Golden Beet Chips^

(I put the chips in some paper towels so they wouldn’t get any sandwich juice)

I bough the roll from a big bread bin at the grocery store and sliced up some cucumbers, cheese, and tomato ! Despite my best efforts, the sandwich was technically NOT Zero Waste. A few meals ago, Carl and I bought mozzarella cheese. The cheese came wrapped in a plastic film. We finished almost all the cheese, but there was some left over. So, I put it in my sandwich this morning ! Although the cheese came wrapped, it wasn’t nearly as wasteful as buying single packaged cheese slices.


Snack: a nice, juicy, red apple. . . WITH NO STICKER !

After work I am off to assist a yoga class in Brooklyn. But, I already have my dinner all planned out (and 60% made).

Dinner: Rustic Potato Gnocchi sauteed in Oil & Rosemary*


I made the gnocchi last night and put it in the freezer. When I get home I am going to take it out, cook it, saute it, and eat it.

Day 10 Take-Aways:

  1. Look for ways to replace those single serving meals with a bulk option.
  2. Try making your lunch / dinner in advance. That way, you can take advantage of bulk shopping and have some time to plan your Zero Waste meals !

Stay (un)trashy,


^Homemade chip recipe coming soon ! (this one is super easy !!)

*Also, this recipe will be coming soon !


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