Day 9: February 15 – H20 and lots of fruit

Good morning fraaaaaaaaaands,

One thing I’ve noticed on my Zero Waste journey is that I have replaced a LOT of my old snacks (chips, pretzels, energy bars. . .) with fruits and veggies. Which is awesome !!!!

I am eating more greens than I ever have before. It’s really quite awesome – and definitely handy on days like this . . . because I am hung over. . .


Luckily, it’s just that tired, dehydrated type of hungover – so I’m doing okay. . . just a bit cranky and want to crawl back into bed forever . . .

BUT – the amount of fruit and water I am pumping into my body are definitely helping.

Breakfast: oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar and banana chips & a cold pressed juice from Pressed Juicery. I got that good good Green 3: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apply, lemon and ginger ! mmmmm

Snack: a banana &a yellow apple. . . both WITHOUT STICKERS !

i got bored and made a circle with the stem, lol

Lunch: for lunch I packed a sandwich with cucumber, tomato, lettuce and hummus. My lunch today was TOTALLY zero waste ! I wrapped it in a cloth instead of a sandwich bag and bought just one roll from a bread bin at the grocery store. So, the bread didn’t have any packaging. The tomato, cucumber and lettuce scraps were totally compostable !


Drinks: My coworkers and I are headed out for drinks after work today to wish one of our team mates farewell. He is going to another agency. . . and so we are sending him off with beer !!!! I am going to also be DRINKING zero waste. Tips for this include asking specifically for NO straws, choosing to keep your beer in its can / bottle, and avoiding drinks that come in plastic cups. BRING ON THAT HAIR OF THE DOG ! (help)


Dinner: a soft pretzel from a street vendor in a napkin (success)


Then, I rushed to rehearsal – pretzel in hand – to sing with my new found a cappella sisters ! It had been a long week (for all of us) and so a few of us headed to the bar afterwards to catch up and (of course) have a drink.

Drinks (part 2): I grabbed a beer with 2 of my a cappella sisters after rehearsal

Dinner (part 2): In addition to my beer I ordered steak fries. . . which were NOT Zero Waste. They came in a basket with one of those waxy paper things . . . I WAS SO CLOSE, DANG IT !!!!!

So, a very successful day. I just need to figure out how to order out and be Zero Waste. Do you have any ideas ?

Day 9 Take-Aways:

  1. Take a look at your snacks – see if you can find Zero Waste replacements. For me, that meant replacing most of my old snacks with fruits / veggies
  2. Look for alternatives to plastic / sandwich bags !
  3. Beer is Zero Waste 😀

Stay (un)trashy,



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