Day 7: February 3 – Bagels

So, my work does this thing every Friday called Bagel Fridays where they give us bagels on Fridays. . .#SoCreative. . . But actually, it’s the best thing ever and basically my biggest motivation to get through the week.

So, unsurprisingly, I started my day off with a bagel !

Breakfast: a bagel toasted with butter served on a paper towel. I had the option to put it on one of those paper plates, but it had a waxy exterior and I can’t compost those. . . so PAPER TOWELS IT WAS ! I washed my bagel down with some home made iced tea made from vanilla chai loose leaf tea.


Since I am the nosiest person on earth, and am always looking for more ways to go Zero Waste, I asked facilities what happens to the left over bagels. It turns out that my company was just throwing the extra bagels away !!! JUST THROWING THEM OUT !!!!


So, I talked to facilities and asked if I could bring the leftover bagels to the compost drop-off a few blocks away.^ They agreed ! So now those bagels will be composted instead of heading for the landfill.

I walked down to facilities after the extra bagels were collected and took the bags of extra bagels back to my desk. Later today I will make my first weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market with a sack full of left over bagels ! I am one happy camper.


Side note, if your workplace orders food, consider having a chat with facilities about composting !

Snacks: an orange, coconut yogurt with mango and blueberries,  and HOME MADE POTATO CHIPS ! That’s right. getting SUPER Pinterest-y up in this blog.

Lunch: Rice with Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach

Dinner: Carl and I are cooking tonight, but I’ve been snacking all day. . . so we are probably going to cook something small.

Day 7 Take-Aways:

  1. If your work place orders food, talk to facilities about where the food goes. . . it may surprise you
  2. Ask your office about composting services nearby – maybe you can arrange some sort of agreement between your work and a collection service !

That’s all for today. TGIF, amirite?

Stay (un)trashy,


^ I asked if we could donate them, but there are some health codes I need to look into


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