Day 6:February 2 – Lots of Fruit & Free Coffee

First Zero Waste day of February !!! I am aiming to really ramp up my game this month, so sorry not sorry in advance for all the posts.

First things first – I have NOT figured out how to buy meat Zero Waste. Deli meat, fish, steak, chicken. . . I am at a loss. Does anyone have any insight into how to buy meat without packaging ? Since I am not a vegetarian (and neither is Carl) this makes going zero waste more difficult than I imagined.


However, my breakfast this morning WAS vegetarian. . . . good segue, Sam. . .

Breakfast: Overnight Chia Seed Pudding with Blueberries and Local Honey. The blueberries came in a totally recyclable plastic package and the honey was from the farmer’s market ! I also packed myself a banana and orange – because I like to snack.


Coffee: reusable mug, broah. It’s become so automatic now ! I am building new habits !! 

BONUS – our CMO bought out the coffee bar, so today everyone got free coffee !!!

the only thing better than coffee is FREE coffee

Lunch: SANDWICH DAY ! I packed myself a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and a slice of cheddar and turkey. How did I get the bread, you ask? My grocery store has bins of different types of bread. Instead of putting it in the little recommended plastic bags they keep nearby, I put a few rolls straight into my reusable bag. #winning


As you may have guessed this lunch was NOT Zero Waste. The meat and cheese did have waste associated with them. . . HOWEVER, I tried to minimize the waste. I bought a block of cheese last week and have been slicing it little by little. This is better than buying individually wrapped singles, BUT it is still not totally Zero Waste. As for the meat, I bought some deli slices but I am literally stumped trying to figure out how to go Zero Waste with deli meat.

Dinner: the plan is to make rice with sauteed peppers and mushrooms (simple dinner, I’ll be out late with yoga)

Tomorrow is also going to be a trash-free day ! SO EXCITED !!!!

Stay (un)trashy,




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