Tip #6 – A Fresh Take on the Grocery Store

My latest tip is brought to you by this weekend’s trip to the grocery store:

Take a look at what is inside your grocery bag. Put everything out on the table and see how many items are Zero Waste. Next, evaluate how many items COULD be zero waste.

This allows you to see how well you’re doing and also evaluate which of the items could find a Zero Waste alternative.

So, let’s take a look inside my canvas grocery bag !

Zero Waste Items:

  • sweet potato
  • golden beets
  • potatoes
  • tomato
  • shallots
  • milk (in 100% recyclable packaging)
  • garlic
  • red beets
  • cheese (in totally recyclable packaging)
  • onion
  • sun dried tomatoes (in a recyclable glass jar)
  • large glass bottle of beer (not pictured)
  • chicken stock (not pictured)
  • box of penne pasta (not pictured)


Non Zero Waste Items (garbage):

  • round eye steak (with a plastic, non-recyclable film )
  • *black peppercorn (in recyclable jar, but with a plastic/aluminum film)
  • *mustard seeds (in recyclable jar, but with a plastic/aluminum film)
  • beef stock (has aluminum seal)

So, ratio wise, it was a pretty good haul ! 14/18 of my items were zero waste !

I did have one more item that I wanted to mention. Without planning on it, I happened across a nifty hack to change a traditionally wasteful item into a Zero Waste alternative !

Back story -I consume a lot of rice. Like, A LOT. Usually, I would by my rice packaged in those large, clear plastic bags with the zip top. . . but this weekend I found an awesome alternative:


I bought this large (and very heavy) burlap sack of rice !!!!!! Isn’t it adorable ?!?! Not only will it last me A LONG TIME, but it is also Zero Waste ! How is it Zero Waste? Because I can reuse the burlap sack when I go to Whole Foods to buy bulk rice ! PERFECT !

Closing thoughts:

  • Take a look inside your grocery bag to see where your food waste is coming from
  • Start shopping with a fresh pair of eyes to help cut down on your waste
  • shopping in bulk can be your best friend !

What’s in your grocery bag? Have you found good Zero Waste alternatives to your common grocery items? Let me know !

Stay (un)trashy,


*These items are usually able to be refilled if you bring your own container !



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