Tip #5 The Hostess with the Compost-ess



For the past month I have been taking my compost scraps to the drop-off site downtown. While this is a great (and free) routine and an awesome way to get some fresh air, I wanted to have a more comprehensive and easily accessibly option for the days that the drop-off site isn’t open. So, I figured it was time to re-invest in a home composting service. (If you live in RDU, definitely look into Compost Now !)

Carl & I have been doing A LOT of research in looking for a compost delivery/pick-up service for our apartment. . . and we finally settled on one ! It is called Vokashi.”Vokashi” is the Japanese method of fermenting food waste.

My bucket, a “how to” sheet, and a paper bag full of bran came to my doorstep and I WAS ECSTATIC !


I quickly ripped the air-tight lid off the bucket and scanned the instructions.

How Vokashi Works:

  1. Sprinkle layer of bran at the base of bucket, add 2-3” of kitchen scrap and sprinkle handful of bran. Using biodegradable paper towel, press down on scrap to remove any air pockets and replace lid.
  2. Repeat these steps until bucket is full.
  3. When the bucket is full finish with layer of bran and sheet of biodegradable paper towel.
  4. Securely replace lid. Bucket can remain in this condition for extended period of time.
  5. Place the bucket outside your apartment for Vokashi to pick up. They will replace it with a new, empty bucket, and you can start all over again !
  6. After 14 days (and some love from the Vokashi team) it will be ready to be used as soil or used in composting system.

Because I am a sucker for glass jars, I transferred the bran from its compostable paper bag into one and threw the bag into the compost.

To answer some common questions I’ve gotten so far:

  1. Doesn’t it smell bad? – Basically, it smells like the trash can you have now, but with an airtight lid. Not gonna lie though, it is very dependent on what you put inside it. For example, right now we have bread, banana peels, paper towels, oats, and a few small chunks of cheese – so it doesn’t smell that bad. However, if we had 3 pounds of raw salmon, then yea. . . it would probably smell a bit fishy.
  2. Is it hard to compost? – Nope ! Composing is super easy. Our service in particular has a few extra steps (you need to put paper towels and bran into the compost bin with your food), but most compost companies just have you throw your compost into a bucket and put the lid on.
  3. How much does it cost? – Ours is $40.00 / month (+a $15.00 yearly bucket fee). BUT – I’ve seen it range anywhere from $0 to $60.00. If you want to forgo the pick-up aspect and have time to take your own compost to a local drop-off site, then it’s totally 100% free !
  4. Why are you doing this? – 1/3 of our landfills are Organic Waste. By composting, we can automatically reduce our waste by 33%! It’s (in my opinion) the easiest way to reduce what you put into our landfills.

So there you have it !!!!! Composting is easy, and there are lots of different companies that offer pick up / delivery services ! If you have a local composting service, let me know !

Stay (un)trashy,



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