Day 4: January 18 – Allergies & The Farmer’s Market


Can she do it ? YES SHE (sort of) can! Although, I did generate a bit-o trash today. . . Let’s explore what that trash was. . . SHAAAALLL WE?

Backstory: I am INCREDIBLY allergic to mold. Guys, its gross. I’m talking serious headaches, a constant faucet of snot, post nasal drip for hours, red, runny eyes, and what feels like 50 tons of water pressure in my ears. . .

girl, I know…

So, when it rains* I have one HELL of a time and turn into a giant, sluggish, amalgamation of mucus and headaches. Carl was kind enough to run to the 24-hour bodega across the street to get some medicine while I was being a helpless pile of mush on the couch. . . Which brings me to my first item of trash: the little plastic / aluminum packaging the housed my Benadryl pill.

It was kind of unavoidable. . .

I also generated 2 other items of trash today (see below in the lunch section).

Now that my gross allergy story is out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of the day.

This morning I stopped by the Farmer’s Market in Union Square to drop off my compost and buy a loaf of bread.


I ended up with a BEAUTIFUL sourdough loaf from Bread Alone. Side note: Finding a good bread provider is key. I walked up to Bread Alone’s tent and instantly knew that we were going to have a beautiful, gluten-filled relationship. I asked for a loaf with my reusable bag already in hand so they would know I didn’t need any packaging. #yougetmebreadguy

As I continued to wander through the market (trying not to sneeze or drip snot all over the food) a local honey stall caught my eye. I used to eat local honey when my allergies were really bad in VA, so I figured I would give it a go in NY. I picked up a jar of honey from Andrew’s Local Honey and placed it in my reusable cloth bag.


If there is a Farmer’s Market near you, I HIGHLY recommend going ! It is a great way to buy produce / food with minimal packaging, support local businesses, stretch your legs, and eat healthier.

Breakfast: Blueberry & Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds (homemade and in a mason jar), an apple (with no sticker !), and 2 hard boiled eggs (shells are compostable !)

Tea: Andrew’s Local Honey (from Fort Greene) from the Farmer’s Market mixed with some Traditional Medicinal’s Throat Coat Tea

Lunch: salad I brought from home –

  • spinach leaves (recyclable plastic tub)
  • romaine lettuce (bundled together with a ^rubber band – trash)
  • cherry tomatoes (recyclable plastic tub)
  • shredded cheese (left over from a previous meal in a ^plastic bag – trash)
  • chick peas (recyclable metal can)
  • peas (recyclable metal can)

Coffee: reusable coffee mug all the way (the Barista knows my name now, score)

Snacks: knock off Almond Brothers smoothie (I made 2 servings yesterday)

Dinner Brinner: I made eggs in a basket with that sourdough I bought at the Farmer’s Market

Day 4 Take-Aways:

  1. Visiting the Farmer’s Market is a great way to support local businesses, get outside, stretch your legs, and cut back on unnecessary food packaging
  2. Find a local bakery you love and get your bread there (BREAD IS BAE)
  3. Breakfast foods really lend themselves to being Zero Waste

That’s all for Day 4. I have one more Zero Waste Day in January (the 26th), but I am really trying to integrate these lessons into my every day life !

Stay (un)trashy,


*mold spores can increase after a rain storm causing even more allergic reactions in people allergic to mold

^The rubber band and plastic bag were kind of unavoidable, but I’m making an effort to find cheese with less / no packaging ! If you have found a way to get cheese without packaging, LET ME KNOW ! #cheeseandbreadforlife


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