Tip #4: The (Plastic) Thing in my Shower

Showering is one of my absolute favorite hygienic activities.

. . .

But – that may not be super obvious if you took a peek inside my shower. Below is a photo of everything in my shower (sans moi):


There are exactly 4 items:

  1. a HUGE bottle of Dr. Bronner’s All-One Pure-Castile Liquid Soap
  2. an empty plastic hook where a loofah used to hang (that I have been too lazy to remove from my shower)
  3. another little plastic & metal hook where my foot scrubber hangs out
  4. a pumice stone / foot scrubber / brush combo

First thing, you’ll notice that I only have 1 item for cleaning myself. I don’t have 6 different body washes and 2 shampoos and a conditioner plus a leave in conditioner and 4 bath bombs. . .What I do have is my handy-dandy Dr. Bronner’s all in one wash ! I use it as shampoo, body wash, and to clean under my nails – but it has SO many more uses than that. Plus, it comes in LOTS of different scents.

The point is, having multi use items reduces your clutter and (ultimately) your waste.

Second, I love that little foot scrubber / brushy thingy. . . LOVE IT. BUT – one day it will die (get old and gross and moldy) and I will have the choice to replace it. . .


You may recall one of my Cardinal Rules is “Phase & Replace”, this is a great example of how I am implementing this rule in my own life ! When this little scrubby-buddy dies, I could:

  1. Go back to Target, buy an exact copy of this little foot scrubber baby dude and call it a day
  2. Look for a more sustainable all in one foot scrubbing tool
  3. Buy JUST a pumice stone (with no handle)
  4. OR OR OR . . . I could go without replacing it all together

The point is, I am no longer being just a passive consumer. I’m thinking about my purchases instead of falling back into the habit of “I like this, so I guess I’ll replace it with an exact copy, even though it is not eco friendly and not essential to my life. . .”.

Instead, I am looking for better options, seeking the Zero-Waste alternatives, and ultimately, working to reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff in my life.

Since my little scrubber has not died QUITE YET, I think I will probably end up going with option 2. or 3. from the list above. I’ll keep you posted !

Some closing thoughts:

  • Can that plastic thing in your bathroom be replaced by something more sustainable ? Do you really need that plastic thing in the first place ?
  • Multi-use products are the best ! That bottle of Dr. Bronner’s is a shampoo, body wash, bath soap, and more !

Do you use an all in one wash? Do you have a loofah that is about to die soon, and want to try living sans loofah for a while? Let me know !

Stay (un)trashy,



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