Day 2: January 13 – The Tiny Compost Bin


I brought a tiny compost bin to work with me ! #compostalldamnday


My plan is to leave it at work, fill it up during the week with any “work” compost, and  bring it to a Compost Drop-Off Site at the local farmers market when it gets full !

Isn’t it so cute !?

This will allow me to compost at work, spark conversations with my coworkers about composting, and also means that I have to get to go to the farmers market !

Anyway, I did generate SOME trash today. . . BUT the only trash I generated was a small piece of tape (from when I took my compost bin to the drop-off site), a sticker from the banana in my smoothie, some foil from a bottle of wine, and a wrapper from a delicious piece of candy a coworker brought me from Colombia (thanks, Carlos !).

Trash from work goes into this jar !

But it’s okay ! Reduction is the key ! I’m not perfect. . . I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go cold turkey.

Also, one of my friends recommended that I keep track of the trash I produce – for all the days -not just the “designated zero waste days”. So, I’ve started keeping a mason jar on my desk (above) at work. I will put ALL the trash I generate at work in this jar, and see how long I can go without filling it up. Progress photos to come:

Admittedly, I wasn’t that hungry today. . . so this is not going to be a normal food schedule.

Breakfast: Croissant from Eric Kayser (a lovely little cafe / bakery near my work) that came in a paper bag 🙂


  • Celery and Hummus (that came in a plastic, recyclable container)
  • Homemade smoothie (blueberries, banana, coconut/almond milk, Chia seeds) in a mason jar
  • A few cookies what were left over from a client meeting.
#snack queen

Lunch: A slice of pizza.

Tea: Mugs, mugs, baby . I had a cup of Organic Ginger Aid from Traditional Medicinals. And guess what. . . THEIR TEA BAGS ARE COMPOSTABLE !

Mind. Blown.

I also made another cup of tea after work using some loose leaf tea I bought downtown the other day (I brought my own container to the store, so I could avoid any wasteful packaging).

Dinner: Zero Waste Homemade Pasta with Homemade Sauce

  • Sauce ingredients: tomato paste (can), tomato puree (can), water, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, a bay leaf
  • Pasta ingredients: flour, semolina flour, eggs, olive oil
  • I also got a loaf of bread from the farmers market – and it came with no packaging !

*I promise to actually write out the recipe. I love making pasta !

Day 2 Take-Aways:

  1. Find a Composting Drop-Off site near you ! You don’t need a fancy bin. You can keep all your compost in a Tupperware or old paint bucket (cleaned)
  2. Look into which of your favorite food brands are earth conscious. I was so excited to see that Traditional Medicinals had totally zero waste packaging !

That’s all for day 2. Stay (un)trashy,



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