Tip #2: Wooly Balls in your Dryer

Since my journey to zero waste began, I have been much more aware of my surroundings. I’ve noticed little things that I would’ve never even seen 3 or 4 months ago. One of those “aha” moments came when I was doing laundry the other day. . .

It was a gloomy, ordinary day. I threw my clothes in the wash. Poured in some Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. Waited and watched as my cats intensely stalked the washing machine. Took the clothes out. Threw them in the dryer and reached for a dryer sheet. . .


Dryer. Sheet. I held it in my hand for about 20 dramatic seconds. I never even gave these little squares of wispy, non-woven polyester / chemical creations a second thought. . . until I pushed to reduce my waste.

So, with 3 dryer sheets left in the box (Phase & Replace), I started looking for alternatives. I had heard of dryer balls before, so I googled around:

I found spiky balls, teal balls, orange balls, and more ! 
Plastic balls, woolen balls, DIYs galore !

After some searching (internet and soul) I decided to purchase 100% Wool Dryer Balls. Why 100% Wool you ask? Well for a few reasons:

  1. Plastic dryer balls = plastic waste
  2. 100% Wool dryer balls are 100% biodegradable !

Biodegradation simply means that the textile can be broken down naturally by bacteria. Types of biodegradable fabrics: Natural textiles that can easily break down include cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, and hemp.

3. If you choose to go the DIY route use 100% Wool Yarn. If you use yarn that is partially acrylic, it will not felt properly, and you’ll end up with an unraveled ball of hot mess in your dryer. . . trust me on this one. . .

The Wool Balls came in the mail (in recyclable cardboard packaging) a few days later and I was as giddy as a giddy person. I was in the middle of setting up a little space to photograph my new, zero waste dryer balls. . . when Jaq adorably crashed the photo shoot.

Not only did I buy Zero Waste, Biodegradable, Wool Dryer Balls, I apparently bought THE BEST CAT TOYS EVER (according to Jaq and Ary). They played with these things for a solid half hour. If you have cats, keep your Wool Dryer Balls out of reach. . . unless you want them to end up as Ripped-Up-Wool Cat Toys.


The 100% Wool Dryer Balls I purchased should last a long time ! The box said they would last somewhere between 6-8 months. . . but there are only 2 of us and not that much laundry, so I think they will last at least a year* !

If anyone has tried to DIY Wool Dryer balls, or has a brand they really love, share your experience below in the comments !

Stay (un)trashy,


*UPDATE: I have it on good authority that these will last FOREVER !


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