Tip #1: Mason Jars Are So Fetch

Between my 128 regimented “Zero Waste Days”, I am going to share some tips, tricks, interviews, shopping suggestions, and other POV’s on the No Trash lifestyle !

Today’s Tip: Mason Jars Are So Fetch

Not only are they 100% charming, but they are also totally Zero Waste !

Last night I made Iced Coffee (composted the coffee filter and beans) with just a splash of coconut milk (from a can) to bring to work this morning !

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
I mean come on, has zero waste ever looked more adorable?

And let me tell you, not only am I perked up and ready for the day, but I feel like a regular hippie/hipster (in all the best ways). Generating no trash and being my own barista makes me one happy camper !

So, if you have some time the night before work, try making some Iced Coffee – or maybe even a cold brew for those of you with a little more time – to bring to work in a nice, neat, photogenic, Zero Waste, little mason jar !

Stay (un)trashy,



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