Day 1: January 3

Okay. *deep breath*

Today was my first day going “trash free” and SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t make it. I did have to throw something in the garbage. . .


BUT ! It’s okay, and here’s why:

My first (and only) piece of trash was generated at breakfast. That may sound really bad – a horrid start to my day – but this actually helped set a positive, realistic perspective for the rest of the day / year.

Here’s what happened:

I bought ingredients to make about 15 smoothies for breakfast / snacks over the next two weeks. I already froze the bananas and tossed their glorious, Zero Waste peels in the compost bin ! I then added some coconut / almond milk (in an all recyclable bottle), and got ready to add the finishing touch – CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN.

I thought “Ooh yea, I’ll use this to get a little flavor and protein in the morning ! Plus, the cap and bottle are both recyclable !” . . . But . . . I didn’t account for that sneaky little plastic seal (above) that usually hides inside packaged products like this.

giphy (1).gif

So, some of you may view this as an automatic Whammy. Strikes 1, 2, and 3. I was already out of the game and it wasn’t even 9:00 am. . .

But, I like to think of it this way: If over the net 10-15 home made smoothies, the only trash I generate is this one, small piece of plastic. . . then I am okay with that. Yes, it isn’t ABSOLUTE ZERO WASTE, but it’s a start. There is going to be a learning curve, and this was the first bump in the road.

Instead of beating myself up about this one plastic seal, I am choosing to admit that I am not perfect, learn from this experience, search for better options in the future*, and move on. If I want to use protein powder in the future, I will either seek out a larger tub or find a brand that don’t have this silly plastic cover.

Any who, onto the rest of my day:

Morning Snack:  I had an apple (score !!) Which is Zero Trash because I am going to compost the core when I get home. #hippie #bringingmycomposthome

Lunch: I went to Just Salad to get myself (shocker) a salad ! The great thing about this place is that they sell a reusable bowl in store for just $1. If you bring the bowl back to get a salad next time, you get 2 toppings for free !

Note the Zero Waste water bottle #H2Ohyea

So, on top of being Zero Waste – it’s a healthy lunch option ! I also opted to bring my own silverware from home, so I didn’t have to use the plastic forks there.

**Places that let you bring your own container like this are awesome !

Coffee: MUGS MUGS MUGS MUGS I LOVE MUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHSSSS. We are lucky enough to have a fully stocked barista in our office, so I just brought my mug downstairs for a coffee.

Company logo = unicorn #winning

HOWEVER – if you don’t have a coffee shop in your office, you can always bring a reusable mug / tumbler to almost any local coffee shop ! Plus, you can usually get a discount for going green. I know for a fact that Starbucks gives you a discount for bringing your own mug. Saving money AND the planet. Not too shabby !

Dinner: I am making Chickpea Tikka Masala. This recipe is boss, delicious, vegan, AND ZERO WASTE !!!! BUH BAM ! Everything in this recipe is either compostable or comes in a totally recyclable package (like the can of chickpeas or diced tomatoes). I highly recommend this recipe. Plus, it makes 8 servings, so you’ll have left overs for lunch the next day (or not, who am I to judge?).


Day 1 Take-Aways:

  1. Bring your own silverware to work ! Bye bye plastic cutlery
  2. Find places that let you bring your own container
  3. Mugs and Tumblers are a great way to reduce your waste (and save $ome Ca$h)
  4. Fruits are your friends (and 100% compostable!)
  5. Embrace the learning curve – be realistic and kind to yourself

All in all, I consider Day 1 a SUCCESS ! If any of you have any favorite smoothie recipes, favorite fruits to snack on, or use a protein powder that is zero waste, let me know in the comments !

Stay (un)trashy,


*UPDATE: Optimum Nutrition makes protein powder that comes in a recyclable container without the pesky little plastic seal !


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